Sunday, July 19, 2015

Under the Influence

 Foil Gallery

           the Influence

paintings and the collected ephemera of life
by Robert Wallace

201581 – 816  |  August 1 – 16, 2015
オープニング・パーティー82() 17:00-19:00  |  Opening: Sunday, August 2 17:00-19:00


このエキシビションUnder the Influenceでは、私たちの身の回りにある一見ランダムで何の変哲のないものを使用し、それを全く違う角度から新しいものとして見ていただきたく、また私のアートに触れた方々がそれぞれの日常の陽炎を考慮していただけるキッカケになれば、と願っております。

The English fashion designer Paul Smith once said “you can find inspiration in everything.”  Indeed the world around us not only inspires us, but shapes who we are as individuals.  Our environment, from our home to our school to our office, from the train we take to the road we drive, from the café where we dine to the market where we shop all have an influence on us.  Every detail of our daily life affects and informs us.  One can’t really navigate life in the 21st Century successfully without acknowledging these indiscriminate influences.

My artwork springs from this “ephemera quotidian”.  It is literally the source material for my paintings.  They are built from and upon the daily detritus of my life: the morning newspaper, a street map, a market receipt, a letter, a shopping bag, a business card, a page from a novel, a movie ticket.  This material provides the texture of my life and at the same time the texture of my paintings.

Under the Influence is my attempt to show how all these seemingly random and unrelated things collect around us, penetrate our subconscious and resurface as something else.  For me, these are the influences large and small that shape my paintings.  This exhibition is an invitation for the viewer to consider their own personal daily ephemera and what influence it has upon them.

 Foil Gallery

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