Friday, October 9, 2015


Analogue.  Sometimes, oh to just sit and listen to records.  A vinyl LP, a turntable, an amplifier and some speakers.  Just sit and listen.  Don't talk.  Don't look at your computer.  Don't eat dinner or do the dishes.  Just listen.

About a year ago I found a postcard-sized flyer with a black and white photo of a young Paul Weller.  In red and black letters it read "KYOTO 6T'S CLUB".  It was an announcement for a Soul party at a little nightclub here called "The Weller's Club".  Of course I had to investigate.  

When I'm missing my records and I want to hear some good 60s Soul I come here.  I've since become friends with the owner and a couple of the DJs and regulars.

You have to give it up to Japanese DJs spinning this music on vinyl in 2015.  It was never easy, even in 1965 when these records were new.  They were fairly obscure 45rpm discs in the States where they were made.  In Japan?  Forget it.  That is a serious record digger that has these gems in their collection.

There is a reason it is called Soul.  Because it makes you feel good; it is good for you.  This music, perhaps more than any other, moves me - literally!

Roots are deep.  And the older you get the deeper they go, the stronger they get.

Keeps On Burning.

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