Thursday, February 25, 2016

Miyama (美山町): notes and impressions

The morning frost in the fallow rice paddy clings to the shadows.

The train burst from the tunnel into the bright morning.  Below a blue-green Hozu River flows between rocks.  Film running through a projector: darkness, light, darkness, light.  Broken.  Traversing the bending river five times.

Fog covers the farmland, a ghost blanket.

Fir trees straight and tall, quills in the back of the mountain, mad acupuncture.

Houses from another century, alive, living, thatched roofs growing, green with snow melt.

Naked winter trees blur the mountainside.  Soft focus.  Adjust, readjust.

The smell of wet straw, drying under the winter sun.

Japanese indigo: polygonum tinctorium.

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