Friday, June 16, 2017

Kanjiro Kawai (河井 寛次郎)

A pleasant spring day.  The sun-and-rain-stained wood of the old building bathed in sunlight.  It is quiet.

It feels as though I'm an invited guest.  The house is as Kanjiro Kawai left it.  His chairs, not for admiring, but for sitting, fresh flowers on tables in every room.  The kilns with pottery ready to fire, as if Kawai-san has just stepped out.

His character marks the place.  You know exactly who he is/was.  A poet as much as a potter.  A life dedicated to simple beauty.  Wabi-sabi.

I sit.  I think.  I dream a little.  Time drifts.  I am reluctant to leave.  I'll wait for Kawai-san to return.

What is beauty,
But joy found
In all of life.

- Kanjiro Kawai

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