Thursday, April 19, 2018


I am pleased to share my first bit of Japanese press.

 Kyoto Shinbun

Keihoku was the last stop of the installation tour.  The other three paintings of the (four)est art project were already in situ.  En route to this densely forested little town my friend, Okamoto-san got a phone call from Kawaguchi-san.  She is the founder of the so-called Kuroda Village Station and sort of my contact person for this location.  She said there was a journalist coming from Kyoto Shinbun who wanted to interview me about the project.  What?!  Wow.

Mitani-san had the look of a real newspaper man with his sport coat, notepad and pencil, someone from a different age of reporting.  We sat down in the 200-year-old converted farmhouse and drank tea.  He asked me questions and I stumbled through Japanese replies.  Okamoto-san translated when the communication gap was too great.

The interview was brief - just the facts - which was okay, as it was beginning to rain and I was anxious to get the painting in place, wherever that might be.   Mitani-san followed me to the edge of the forest in the drizzle.  Then I disappeared up the mountain with my painting under my arm.

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