Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Sometimes there isn't anything more to report than a feeling.  I feel I am terribly lucky to be in Kyoto, and am grateful to the Itos - Osamu, Hiroko and Mineko.  

I don't trust happiness.  Even a bear of little brain knows that it is fleeting.  It is not a permanent state of being, and one mustn't cling to it.  I'm not sure it is even something one should strive for.  It is definitely not something sold to you.

Happiness is waking each day and rejoicing in the sunshine or the rain, the spiders in your garden, the coffee in your cup, the feet that carry you to your destination, the smiles of your friends and even those of strangers.  It is being able to laugh at yourself and the ridiculous path you've chosen.

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  1. You should trust happiness. You deserve it. It is there for u to embrace and enjoy it is all I ever want for u.